RISE Urban Nation

RISE Urban Nation Podcast: Unite. Uplift. Ignite.

In today's digital landscape, where many overlook the aspirations of the Black and Pan-African community, RISE Urban Nation Podcast stands out. More than just a podcast, it's a rallying cry for unity, elevation, and transformation.

Enter a realm where prominent Black and Pan-African individuals narrate their journeys in entrepreneurship, innovation, and empowerment. We shine a light on trailblazers from various fields who challenge norms and rewrite narratives. Their experiences and wisdom empower our listeners to reach new heights.

Our episodes offer a blend of insightful interviews and actionable knowledge. Engage with stories of influential figures making waves in diverse sectors and derive lessons to fuel your ambitions.

RISE Urban Nation is more than a name; it's a movement. We strive to diminish gaps, celebrate social innovation, and craft equal chances within the Pan-African diaspora.

Meet our hosts, Taryell Simmons and Adesola Akindele:

Taryell, an advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, has accolades from tech giants like Google and Techstars. A product of RISE Urban Leadership and Rockwood Leadership Institute, he ensures each chat resonates.

Adesola Akindele wears many hats – economic strategist, serial entrepreneur, mentor, and more. A torchbearer for underserved economic groups, her focus remains on fostering self-sufficiency and community growth.

Together, they foster deep conversations with change-makers who embody the Pan-African spirit.

In the world of entrepreneurship, Black and Pan-African leaders face unique hurdles. With Taryell and Adesola at the helm, this podcast turns obstacles into opportunities.

Dive into a space where dreams fly high, adversity turns into motivation, and innovation is the key.

Embark on this transformative journey at RISE Urban Nation Podcast